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Perspective Simplified
Drawing workshops for interior designers and architects
There is no more powerful tool for a designer than the ability to communicate by means of a perspective sketch. Because hand sketching is the shortest path from the designer's mind to the documentation of an idea, it is vitally important to be able to draw in perspective, yet it is often absent from their skill set. People simply find perspective intimidating to learn. Most ultimately fail to develop confidence in their ability to draw.

Perspective Simplified is an IDCEC accredited workshop developed by William Feldman, AIA, an architect, designer and instructor at Mount Mary University, in response to a renewed interest in quick, hand-drawn perspective sketches among interior designers and architects. It is conducted as a hands-on workshop focusing on the development of skills needed to produce convincing hand-drawn perspective sketches as a means to explore, document and communicate ideas.

By gaining confidence and a better understanding of the process of drawing in perspective, participants have dramatically improved their sketching abilities, and ultimately, their value as design professionals. 

The following are some testimonials from workshop participants:

  “Very enjoyable class. I am leaving with a stronger sense of confidence, and know that with practice I'll continue to improve. Thank you for a great day!”

  “Very good course. Thorough, informative, engaging. Thank you!”

  “Good content. Bill definitely knows his stuff!”

  “Instructor was very patient- went over examples in detail- very knowledgeable.”

  “Wonderful visuals along with good demos.”

  “Excellent. Would love another seminar.”

  “Thank you for your patience! You were very receptive to questions. Much appreciated!”

  “Very helpful & easy to understand! Thank you!”

  “You're very patient & knowledgeable. Very simplified process for complicated subject material. Good foundation to build on. I am motivated now to practice this where as before, I avoided it and had no confidence. Thank you!”

  “Well worth the time and investment. Thank you!”

  “Excellent class- would be interested in a second course.”​

Please call or email for information on pricing and scheduling for professional organizations and college and university programs. Perspective Simplified is accredited by the Interior Design Continuing Education Council for .8 CEU's